A New Way to Browse.

The WebRovo App provides curated video experience that works with your browser. Each tour is guided by celebrities, trend setters, or trusted experts who help you find the best products and most entertaining websites.

WebRovo is special. Like, really special.

WebRovo makes discovering new websites fun and easy.

WebRovo users experience the web in the best way - being guided by someone they trust. WebRovo guides you to new products, discounts and exclusive web content.

Our tour guides make sure that every stop during your browsing experience is perfect. Each website, product and special offer is hand-picked by WebRovo and its tour guides.

WebRovo will never dump you on a webpage and abandon you

WebRovo makes you feels like you are having a conversation with the web.

WebRovo can also you locate a dealer or store to buy a product from any site you visit and prints out a coupons

WebRovo let's you interact with knowledgeable influencers.

Here's how WebRovo works:




 When you enter a website, you can select your guide from a presented link or banner

Click on the link to enter your guides Host Browsing program.

A video of your chosen guide pops up on the left side of the screen




As he/she talks about their favorite products or topics, they will guide you to the best websites in response to your click-prompts, or as you interface directly to the voice-activated video guide.

You maintain full click capabilities on each page, and the guides video stays in the top left corner for the duration of the experience.

You can click on any page link at any time

Added value for WebRovo users:


• Simplify and streamline your user experience with an interactive guide leading you to the best of the web.

• Save time by getting to the content you want—faster.

• Discover new content with a trusted guide directing you to authoritative sites on your favorite topics.

• Find the best deals that most people miss.


Responds to your Voice

Tell WebRovo where you want to go...

Our patented voice recognition technology provides a fun and easy way to interact with your TripTuu tour.



Entertaining video tours...

Our network of celebrities, trend-setters and trusted experts speak directly to you,, in hi-def, as they show you the best products and websites.

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Easy Navigation

WebRovo has built-in navigation...

The WebRovo in-app navigation menu gives you the ability to go on endless tours and have seamless interaction with your tour guide.

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