A New Way to Advertise.

The WebRovo App guides people to web destinations in an innovative and engaging way. Customizable and targeted ad campaigns keep potential customers on site longer!

WebRovo brings high quality traffic to your website.

WebRovo utilizes multiple methods of  bringing relevant viewers into our guided browser experiences by providing our publishers with banner links to digital magazine media, social media marketers, pod-casters and bloggers. Viewers who choose to be guided to the content promoted in banners are interested in the influencer and in learning more about the content that will be presented.

Our guided browser curators make every effort to make sure that every landing place during the  browsing experience is relevant to what the viewer is looking for, Each website, product and special offer is hand-picked by WebRovo and its browsing guides.

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WebRovo engages your viewers and reduces bounce rate.

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WebRovo guides users in the best way way possible by engaging them in a conversation. And then, since the viewer is already engaged with our guide, it becomes very easy to introduce them to your site and products.  - Using this process means that since they are already engaged with a guide that they trust., they will be less likely to bounce off your site to go somewhere else. And once on your site, you can utilize WebRovo  to guide them to new products, discounts and exclusive web content.

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You may also request  your own WebRovo guided browser  down-links and/or cross-links to help guide viewers to see exactly what you want them to see on your website (or any website) ,  And WebRovo guides can add audio messaging with endorsements, suggestions, and comments about  your products or company. WebRovo is a great and easy way to get  your visitors to other pages and content with a simple conversation with the guide.

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WebRovo sells more with enhanced call-to-action commands.

As WebRovo viewers gets accustomed to using our guided browsing interface they use the included navigation  links and/or their voice to navigate around your site, . Since  WebRovo is a conversational interface viewers can become very susceptible to do what the guide is asking them to do. People naturally feel comfortable  responding to verbal suggestions. It kind of enables a mild version of mind control


For example if the guide suggested that they click on the little red triangle under the picture, they may just do it because the guide made the suggestion. This is a great way to guide viewers  to new products, discounts and exclusive web content you want to share.

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Use WebRovo to increase conversions

The challenge of every web encounter is to get your viewer  interested enough in your product to make a purchase,  WebRovo can help that process along by guiding them from an introduction to a purchase link and then to the shopping cart to complete the transaction

WebRovo acts as an interactive digital salesperson. Once it guides a visitor to a shopping cart, it can continue as an overlay, right in the shopping cart to up sell additional product or just close the deal

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WebRovo is a The Best Way to Tell Your Story

WebRovo allows advertisers to upload their own videos or they can choose to partner with one our a WebRovo celbrity/influncer partner. Our video tours have been proven to keep users on site longer!


Embrace The Golden Age Of Advertising


Discover how Host Browsing can put your brand and expertise at the forefront of digital advertising.



Thousands of products and services flood consumers daily. Web searches for topics like “makeup”, “cannabis” or “dog training” generate thousands of results, and unless your SEO is at the top of it’s game, your website may be buried somewhere several pages deep, where few consumers ever venture. So what’s an advertiser to do in light of the poor outlook for their brand’s visibility? Enter Host Browsing. You already know that human connections generate conversions, and that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. With Host Browsing, you get both in a small, authoritative, interactive video in the corner of your page. Work together with a celebrity, expert in your field, guru, or even yourself to engage users through voice-activated videos that guide them to the best of the web, as you see it.




Added value for advertisers

• Get a full audio feed of your advertising hits

• Secure endorsements from celebrities, industry influencer's and other powerful affiliates

• Engage viewers on your website with a guided experience that highlights particular products or offerings

• Secure more clicks and more revenue

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